Community Gardens

Community gardens are spaces where together people grow vegetables, fruits, native plants and flowers in a local area.  Community gardens are found in schools or on public land. 


Throughout Tasmania, there are many passionate gardeners who contribute to the health of their communities through their involvement in community gardens.  Sharing community gardens builds a sense of togetherness, care and encourages healthy lifestyles.  Growing food together helps build skills and resources to produce nutritious, safe and affordable food in Tasmania.  Involvement in community gardens encourages self-help and provides opportunities for a broader community support.  This supports equitable community access to nutritious food and increased food security through local food production.


Involvement in community gardens is also a very practical way to lower our carbon footprint.  Growing our own food reduces food waste to land fill and contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gases.


There are now over one hundred community gardens across Tasmania.  Many of these gardens are members of the Tasmanian Community Garden Network.  This network is a support network managed by Sustainable Living Tasmania.


Click here to access the Directory of Community Gardens (simply search for TAS). All this and more on the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network website.


EWGW manual raised bed 100 


A to Z with the Little Goodwood Gardeners, is a collaborative project between Goodwood Primary School and the Goodwood Community Centre.


This book is a celebration of all that has been achieved, learned, grown and eaten! This has resulted in a great collection of garden tips, recipes, activity ideas and stories about gardening in Goodwood.


Click here for the book - A to Z with the Little Goodwood Gardeners…


 Community garden links...


Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network

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Urban Farming Tasmania - a free collective supporting stronger communities through growing, collecting and sharing fruit and vegetables.
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The Community Garden Support Guide was developed as part of the Eat Well Grow Well Communities Project, which was a partner iniitative of Eat Well Tasmania Inc. Enjoy the guide, presented below for your gardening pleasure.

Click here to view our community Gardens manual (preview below)