Calculator Information

The HOVER Nutrient Calculator is an online tool designed to make it easy to quickly assess food product suitability for Healthier Vending.  The calculator uses a 'traffic light system' to rate food suitability for healthier vending. Food products are categorised as "green", "amber" or "red" based on their nutrient content.

Green products are considered ‘everyday foods’. They are the best choices and should be encouraged. They are nutritious foods consistent with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. They contain less saturated fat, added sugar and salt, and are lower in energy.

Amber products are to be selected carefully. They are mainly processed food and drinks and are commonly higher in saturated fat, sugar and/ or salt. 

Red products are considered “occasional foods” and should be kept to a minimum. These options are processed and/or confectionary items and contain high energy, salt, sugar and/or saturated fat levels. Red options offer no/ little nutritional value and when eaten in excess, can contribute to chronic dietary related disease.

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