Local Produce

Eat Well Tasmania  designs strategies to encourage Tasmanians to local, seasonal Tasmanian fresh vegetables and fruit. These strategies include:
  • Supporting growers and distributors in the fresh produce industry;
  • Promoting seasonal fresh produce, community gardens and farmers markets;
Increasing awareness about the reasons to choose local seasonal produce; and
Encouraging individuals to grow their own vegetables and fruit at home and in their communities.

Why buy locally?


When you choose fresh, local seasonal produce not only are you maximising the nutrient, quality and flavour of your food by consuming food at its prime, but you are supporting the Tasmanian fresh produce industry and in turn the Tasmanian economy.  For instance, it has been estimated that if every Tasmanian simply increased their vegetable intake by 1.5 serves a day, this would equate to over 20,000 tonnes of edible vegetable matter per year being consumed. Imagine what that would mean to local growers and the local economy.

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So what makes Tasmanian produce so good?

Click here for the facts and benefits of Tasmanian grown vegetables.

Save our seeds!

Seed is the foundation of humanity's evolution. Cultivation of seed and planting material is the basis of our food systems. In other words, seed saving is the root of our capacity to thrive. Learn more about saving seeds at the seedsavers website.

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