Eat Well Tasmania takes a collaborative approach to improving nutrition for all Tasmanians. Eat Well Tasmania works in partnerships on various levels - from individual activities through to coalitions of professionals - to coordinate initiatives around nutrition education and promotion. This also involves membership with Eat Well Tasmania. 


Eat Well Tasmania is committed to working in ways to improve nutrition for our children and actively supports partner organisations to promote childhood nutrition. One of the ways we do this is through the Eat Well Tasmanian Kids Coalition.


Why this Coalition?

There are many organisations involved in child nutrition promotion programs and activities that can benefit from a network and the opportunity to share information, add value and learn from each other. We want to develop a common vision and work together in a cohesive manner for the benefit of child nutrition in Tasmania.



Tasmania leads in collaborative child nutrition approaches resulting in better nutrition for our children.


  • To provide an accessible network for individuals or organisations working/interested in child nutrition promotion
  • To link new initiatives and co-ordinate efforts to strengthen existing projects and prevent duplication of effort
  • To ensure consistent messages are promoted in child nutrition promotion activities
  • To advocate and raise the profile of child nutrition in Tasmania
  • To increase the nutrition knowledge and skills of people working with children

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  • Download the Request for Assistance form- we would like to collaborate with you and your organisation to support nutrition related activities.
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