Eat Well Tasmania Inc. champions healthy eating and promotes opportunities to eat healthy Tasmanian grown, produced and value added food.

In 2016, the Eat Well Tasmania Inc. Board undertook a strategic review. Eat Well Tasmania Inc. is primarily focussed on engaging with food and agriculture and aligned industries.

With our partners, we champion healthy eating and promote opportunities to eat and buy healthy Tasmanian grown, produced and valued added food. Our engagement with industry helps connect the Tasmanian community with trusted information about healthy eating.

In Tasmania we grow, produce and value-add a very wide range of foods from across the food groups. This includes fruit and vegetables/legumes, dairy products, grains and cereals, and lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts and seeds.

Currently approximately 22%1 of all the food produced in Tasmania is distributed and eaten within Tasmania.

Eat Well Tasmania Inc. is a not for profit organisation with DGR status. Through our work, we aim to improve the nutritional wellbeing of Tasmanian’s and contribute to reducing diet-related health issues.

1 Office of Coordinator General, 2017 State of Tasmania