Brand Tasmania Research

What do people think about Tasmania’s food?

Research conducted by Brand Tasmania, internationally, across Australia and with Tasmanians (half of the survey respondents) in late 2016, creates a strong picture of what people think about our Tasmanian grown, produced and value-added food.

The research identified the two biggest reasons for purchasing Tasmanian food are:

  1. Quality – 37.93%
  2. Support local producers – 31.53%

People describe Tasmanian food as being fresh, excellent quality, local, delicious, tasty, clean and healthy. We love the word cloud on page 5.

You can review a summary report for the survey conducted by Brand Tasmania.

Brand Tasmania has a web site dedicated to profiling where locally grown, produced and value- added Tasmanian food can be purchased directly and through retailers. You can access this searchable directory on the Food and Beverage Tasmania web site.