Increasing online promotion of opportunities to #EatLocalTas

Do you want to reach more customers who want to eat Tasmanian food?
While Eat Well Tasmania was developing its submission to the Agritourism Draft Submission paper in early 2017, we identified a new no-cost way for local growers/producers, retailers and the hospitality sector to improve their online connection with visitors and Tasmanians.

Tourism research shows, visitors (and Tasmanians alike) have an aspiration to eat healthy Tasmanian food as they travel around Tasmania.

Eat Well Tasmania and our partner Fruit Growers Tasmania, encourage local businesses to use Google My Business. You can create an online profile that is easily found by visitors using Google Maps, while they navigate their way around Tasmania.

Our uploadable pin makes it easy for visitors to see where they can #EatLocalTas. You can use the pin in your new profile or any other existing online assets such as your Facebook page or web site

The Digital Ready Tasmania program has developed a terrific Blog for Google My Business to support our efforts.

So pin your profile and use the hashtag #eatlocaltas to make sure people who want to eat Tasmanian food can find you easily.