Eureka Farm

Shed door and online sales: Preserves, seasonal orchard fruit, berries, honey.
East Coast - Spring - Value Added

Before you lock eyes on Scamander’s shining shoreline, treat yourself with a tiny detour to Eureka Farm.

Here you’ll be greeted by a green oasis of fruits and value-added products grown and prepared by owner-founders Ann and Denis.

Seasonal fruits, kasundi, chutneys, preserves, honey, and award-winning berry icecream are available year-round. If visiting the Cafe and Farm store isn’t enough, consider a short stay onsite amongst the greenery at Aimee’s Bungalow.

Eureka Farm products are available at the farm, through the online store, or alternatively through Farm House Direct. Take a look at the farm’s website for information on accommodation bookings, produce updates, and the story behind Eureka.

What we produce
  • Preserves
  • Fruit
  • Berries
  • Honey