Beaupre Farm

Committed to agricultural excellence, Beaupre Farm is growing their business from the ground up.
Hobart & South - Winter - Meat

Nestled in the Huon Valley, Christine and Colin are dedicated to producing superior goat meat for the Tasmanian market.

Beginning with a canvas that was acidic, depleted, and colonised by weeds, this 40-acre site has since been transformed into the fertile and picturesque Beaupre Farm, Tasmania’s first registered Boer Goat stud, and one of few commercial goat meat farms in the state. Dedicated to farming practices that are regenerative and ecologically sound, at Beaupre, the health of land, animal, and consumer are indisputably linked.

These social, inquisitive animals are recognised globally for the premium quality of their meat. While the world’s appetite for Australian goat meat places demands on the market, Beaupre keeps their production intentional, responsible, and locally-minded.

For more information about Beaupre’s stud farm, meat production, and their beautiful holiday cottage, visit their website.

What we produce
  • Boer Goats
  • Goat Meat