Autumn brings with it an abundance of delicious fruits and veggies.

Apples and pears are perfect for picking along with rhubarb. Root vegetables such as pumpkin and parsnips are in season, and leafy greens like kale and spinach.

With an impressive array of fresh and delicious produce available in Tasmanian during March, April and May, the opportunities to enjoy seasonal local food are endless.

“In Tasmania, we’re lucky to have a wide variety of delicious food available throughout the year. Eating seasonally is a tasty, affordable and nutritious way to enjoy Tasmanian produce at home, every day.”

When you buy seasonal Tasmanian food you are supporting Tasmanian growers, producers, and value-adders. Buying produce from farmers markets is an easy way to ensure your food is locally grown. When shopping in supermarkets, most fresh fruit and veggies will have a sticker or a sign telling you where it is produced – look for the “Grown in Tasmania” label or ask a shop assistant.