Spring produce is a low-maintenance bunch, superb when eaten as they are—fresh and simply served.

Asparagus arrives mid-season in Tasmania and is a must for breakfast, adding a green twist to your morning eggs. Baby carrots and radish add a crisp crunch and burst of colour to the dinner table and lunchbox.

After months of braises, stews and pasta bakes, a bright bowl of salad is a nice change of pace.

With multiple varieties of lettuce available, no salad is the same—think earthy rocket with its peppery kick paired with a creamy Caesar sauce, or get the BBQ out for sweet-grilled cos.

Herbs make or break a season, and in spring, we find many of the hard-leaf varieties turn soft and woody in the warmer days—adding depth to any dish.

Spring can be a tricky season for both farmer and cook as it straddles the last of our winter blasts and steadily sunnier days. And we must act similarly in the kitchen, with both warming and cool dishes at the ready—ready for the ‘many seasons’ that our Tasmanian spring loves to throw us.