Bringing people together, one meal at a time.

Better Together#

The Plate with a Mate campaign encourages all Tasmanians to connect with mates and consider a healthier meal alternative.  

Join us in celebrating fresh, seasonal Tasmanian food by hosting a  Plate With A Mate Event —invite your workplace, school, sporting club or local community groups to join the campaign and share a healthy plate of locally-made food with your mates.

Campaign Objectives

  • Support Tasmanians to Eat Well
  • Champion local food—hospitality and producer businesses 
  • Create resources that help people enjoy healthier, delicious local food 
  • Promote the impact food has on wellbeing via fostering social connection 

Invite your mate to share a plate.

When we eat with others, we have a natural tendency to use their behaviour as a guide—when we eat with a friend who’s chosen a meal with plenty of fruit and veg we are more likely to Eat Well too.Invite your mate to share a plate.

Get Involved

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use our #PlateWithAMate across social media
  • Hold an event 
  • Celebrate with family and friends
  • Encourage others in your workplace and community to join the campaign
  • Invite a mate to join you for a healthy bite to eat 
  • Champion Tasmanian food ingredients when cooking a home

Unsure what to put on your plate? 

We’ve created delicious recipes to cook at home—perfect for sharing with friends and family. Browse recipes here.