Brymworth Farm

North - Summer - Vegetables

Certified organic garlic grown just north of Emita on the west coast of Flinders Island

Brymworth Farm is a small family farm owned by Sophie & Mark Pitchford. Well known for their garlic production, the Flinders Island Purple Garlic is a popular favourite with their loyal customers.

Inspired by a desire to be self-sufficient, Sophie and Mark have built Brymworth Farm into a viable business over the last thirteen years. Although the pair Initially wanted to grow capers, this dream had to be shelved due to quarantine issues. Sophie was able to source garlic from a local on the island – and so this part of their farming journey began.

Sophie hopes to expand her product line, while ensuring a real pragmatism in her approach to farming and product development. Keep an eye out for Black Garlic coming to their website!

What we produce
  • Garlic
  • Black garlic
  • Value-added products