Eladnelle Farm

Hobart & South - Autumn - Value Added

Premium Grade 1 Quality Saffron grown in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley.

in 2017, Jen and Lee moved to Tasmania to start Eladnelle Farm in the Upper Derwent Valley region. Together they renovated their farm house, established a vegetable garden, and joined a thriving and supportive Ellendale community.

Since then, Jen and Lee have worked meticulously to establish Eladnelle Farm as a seller of high-quality Tasmanian saffron. With saffron being considered the ‘world’s most valuable spice’, this has not been an easy feat! Growing saffron is a highly labour-intensive process – but also a rewarding and delectable culinary experience.

All planted, picked, processed and packaged by hand – you can taste the exemplary quality of Eladnelle Farm’s pure saffron. Eladnelle Farm only harvest and process pure saffron – meaning only the red part of the flower’s stigma is used. Eladnelle Farm are passionate about producing high-quality saffron. This is all without the yellow/orange ‘floral waste content’ (that does not add culinary value) that you might find in other saffron products.

Did you know that approximately 30 flowers are needed to produce 150mg of saffron filaments? This amount would happily flavour a dish for 4-8 people. Taste the difference with Tasmanian-grown premium saffron – all without a lot of effort on your part as the cook!

You’ll be sure to enjoy the flavour, colour and aroma to level-up your cooking.

What we produce
  • Saffron