Fork it Farm

A boutique farm shop offering home made artisan charcuterie and pasture raised Berkshire pork.
North - Summer - Meat

The team at Fork it Farm butcher and cure artisanal charcuterie using only meats which deserve to be celebrated.

The team are proud to practise whole animal butchery at Fork it Farm: this means that they use every part of the animal to make their products and have designed the range of produce based on this ethos. 

The Fork it Farm processes and products are curated to bring out the best in every cut of the animal, whether it’s hot smoked bacon or the humble jowl—each element is important and out of respect to our animals. Each piece of meat is given the time and respect it deserves; creating a fresh, local and natural product that is good for the consumer and the animal.

All products are free of chemicals, artificial colouring, flavourings, emulsifiers, preservatives or nitrates. 

Find Fork it Farm produce via the Tasmanian Produce Collective and their online store.

What we produce
  • Artisan made charcuterie