Huski Greens

From their small market garden in Southern Tasmania, they grow chemical-free vegetables and micro greens for local farmers markets and wholesale customers.
Hobart & South - Spring - Vegetables

Having packed up everything (including their green house!) and moving to Tassie in 2018 to escape the grind of inner Sydney living. Mac & Oli from Huski Greens have built up their micro greens business and expanded into a market garden at their rented property in Sorell.

Living by their values of reducing food kilometres and focus on supplying local communities with fresh, chemical free produce and the importance of knowing your local farmer.

A small-scale operation to ensuring high quality product and maintaining a local sustainable food culture.

Huski Greens proudly do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides and believe in real organic growing techniques. All of their packaging is 100% compostable and they are working towards a zero-waste operation.

You can get your hands on their delicious produce via the Tasmanian Produce Collective and every Sunday you’ll find them at Farm Gate Market chatting with customers and selling their amazing produce.

What we produce
  • Leafy Greens
  • Root Vegetables