J & A Brandsema

North West - Spring - Tomatoes

Proudly growing tomatoes since 1958.

Located in Turners Beach – J & A Brandsema know that Tasmanian’s love their fresh produce.

The business has been proud to be growing tomatoes in greenhouses here since 1958. The tomatoes are picked fresh, packed fresh and delivered to suppliers immediately. This means they are ready for you to love, and to snack on the very same day.

J & A Brandsema specialise in growing snacking tomatoes – including the Angel variety, Cherry tomatoes, as well as Solanto tomatoes. You can find their Tassie produce at selected fruit and veg store, IGA supermarkets and independent retailers across the state.

What we produce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Angel tomatoes
  • Solanto tomatoes
  • Large loose tomatoes