Karoolalla Farm

A small homestead farm in Tasmania's North East, Karoolalla use biological farming methods and raise all their animals on pasture.
North - Summer - Eggs

Slow and steady, this little farm makes a big impression.

Cate and Rupert of Karoolalla Farm are surrounded by growth. This homestead farm in the state’s North East is carefully managed, for maximum results for their produce, livestock, and the land itself. With potted plants, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and poultry, the Karoolalla plot is teaming with life, and there’s more than enough to share.

From cucumbers to cape gooseberries, sweetcorn to garlic, stop by their farmgate (Lalla Road, Karoola) to take home a slice of the action. There’s a good chance that your delicious purchases will be picked or plucked straight from the earth, to you. Now that’s seasonal.

For information on their available produce, and their location in Greater Launceston, check out the Karoolalla Facebook page.

What we produce
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Chickens
  • Fruits
  • Potted Plants