Okines Community Garden

Hobart & South - Autumn - Vegetables

The Okines Community Garden is an inspiring place to learn, create, share skills and socialise.

Okines Community Garden is part of Okines Community House in Dodges Ferry. The community house is a meeting point for people in Tasmania’s Southern beaches area to come together, share resources and build community. This beautiful location includes places such as Dodges Ferry, Carlton, Carlton River, Connellys Marsh, Forcett, Lewisham and Primrose Sands.

The community garden celebrates species of plants that are significant and flourish in this area. Raised garden beds are perfect for growing fruits and vegetables to feed the community. The planted herbs are described as forming part a ‘labyrinth’ – so fragrant! Okines also hold regular working bees and workshops, and as part of the community house there is also a food-coop and a community kitchen program. The garden is a community resource for all to share in and enjoy. It is a space which makes people welcome and provides inspiration for visitors.

Okines Commuity Garden is a place where everyone is equal, no matter the colour of your flowers, the size of your fruit or the slant of your bush.

Pop in for a cuppa and a chat anytime the team are around! The friendly volunteers would love to meet you.

What we produce
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Fruit trees
  • Composting