Pure & Purple Garlic

Pure & Purple Garlic is the amalgamation of a passion and appetite for all things garlic.
North West - Winter - Vegetables

When it comes to garlic, Debbie and Helena are growing, cooking, and sharing results with family and friends.

Pure & Purple is an Australian-owned and operated family business specialising in dried garlic products grown in the pristine land of North West Tasmania. The rich basalt soil of North West Tasmania makes for a perfect environment for many crops, including wonderful garlic with its rich purple hues. When dried and cured, the results are beautiful, flavoursome garlic cloves with a sharp but sweet taste.

Annually, while the Australian garlic off-season is largely supplemented with international imports, Pure & Purple are stocked and ready with a local, sustainable, purple alternative.

Pure & Purple pride themselves on combining their distinctive Tasmanian purple garlic with high-quality ingredients to produce unique and versatile products that add a wonderful flavour to your food.

Visit the Pure & Purple website for a full list of their Tasmanian and interstate stockists, and to browse their online store.

What we produce
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