Resonate Farm

East Coast - Spring - Vegetables

Immensely passionate about sustainability, Resonate Farm grows a range of fresh spray-free vegetables for the East Coast community.

Located in beautiful St Helens, this family-run farm use a range of sustainable growing practices. Great soil and natural organic principles are critical at Resonate Farm – and they are always looking to improve! The family tend to their vegetables by hand, and all produce is spray-free. They also strive to keep their food-miles low. Collaboration is important, with Resonate Farm often partnering with local businesses, including specialty grocers and caf├ęs in the region.

In terms of starting their crops, local seeds are used where possible. When the vegetables are ready to be enjoyed, they are all harvested fresh, and as close to delivery as possible.

Check out their Facebook Page and Instagram, and join Resonate Farm as they grow!

What we produce
  • Vegetables
  • Spray-free produce