Rosella Roost

This Tasmanian farm regenerates the land alongside the production of nutrient-rich eggs and chickens.
North - Winter - Eggs

At this Northern Tasmanian farm, good eggs have a ripple effect.

Located just 25kms out of Launceston, Rosella Roost farms pasture-raised chickens for eggs and meat. The Rosella Roost’s ethos is one of care and integrity, using holistic and regenerative principles that prioritise animal and soil health.

Now in the first year of their pastured meat enterprise, Rosella Roost is currently supplying Hobart butchers and restaurants around the state. For Rosella Roost products, browse the fresh food sections of Alps & Amici and the Trevallyn Grocer, and keep an eye on their Facebook page and Instagram for more information on product availability throughout the year.

What we produce
  • Eggs
  • Chickens