Summerlea Farm Tasmania

100% grass-fed, ethically raised, antibiotic and growth hormone-free, this is naturally good Angus beef
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Summerlea Farm fosters deep care for their happy, healthy cows. 

North of Lilydale, Liz and Rick of Summerlea Farm raise their Angus cattle for premium single-origin beef sales. Keeping the herd size small, cows are given the space and freedom they need to roam, graze, and socialise.

Summerlea Farm’s Angus beef is 100% grass-fed, with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Rick and Liz are committed to ethical, traceable, and sustainable farming methods, and are fully accredited in two national quality assurance programs (Meat Standards Australia and Greenham’s “Never Ever”).

All beef sold through their Beef Boxes comes exclusively from their farm. At Summerlea, calves aren’t brought in and ‘grown out’, but rather are part of a constantly evolving, single-source experience of calving, nutrition, and overall cow care. Living and working on the farm, Rick and Liz’s commitment to quality and ethical practice is one you can trust. Summerlea meats are available as single or subscription purchases.

Beef Box season follows Spring through to late Autumn. For information on product availability and updates, visit the Summerlea Facebook page, Instagram, and website.

What we produce
  • Angus beef