Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs

Pastured egg farm in the beautiful Tamar Valley Tasmania.
North - Autumn - Eggs

Tucked away in the West Tamar region, Tamar Vally Pastured Eggs put the hen first.

It might make for slower production, but the team at Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs is content that their eggs are worth the effort. Here in Glengarry, happy hens are left to safely roam lush pastures, providing them with a natural and dynamic food source, the benefits of which are passed onto the consumer through their fresh, delicious eggs.

With informed and intentional farming practices, Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs invest proudly in their farm, and are confident you’ll enjoy the results through your cooking and baking.

You’ll find Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs stocked widely across Launceston, and available weekly at the Harvest Market, Saturday 8:30am -12:30pm. For more information on stockists and profiles on these beautiful birds, visit their website and Instagram.

What we produce
  • Eggs