The Honey Pot & Bruny Island Honey

Hobart & South - Autumn - Honey

A lifelong collaboration between the Wright family, bees, and nature.

The Honey Pot and Bruny Island Honey are the houses of honey venues run by the Wright family. The family has over 1000 hives which are moved year-round to follow the blossoming flower trail around Tasmania. Bees are taken far and wide – to Lake Pedder, to Bruny Island, and to the Huon and Derwent Valleys, where they collect Leatherwood and Bush, Prickly Box and Manuka Honey. Happily, this allows their bees to collect sweet nectar from a variety of floral sources.

Bees are an integral part of out ecosystem. Their pollination produces the fruit, vegetables, seeds and oils that make up one third of the food we eat. Each honey has its own unique flavour – stop by The Honey Pot in Huonville, or Bruny Island Honey to learn more about bees and honey from these passionate producers.

What we produce
  • Honey
  • Personal care
  • Condiments
  • Value-added products