Vermey’s Quality Meats

Vermey's stock a diverse range of quality Tasmanian meats, specialty groceries and deli produce.
Hobart & South - Summer - Meat

Sourced from healthy flock from local owned Tasmanian farms, Vermey’s know where meat comes from and as Tasmanian the meat has low food miles.

They also stock a variety of hard to come by products, dry aged meat, wagyu, game and high quality mainland speciality products.

Their selection includes free range for life pork from small local producers as well as Scottsdale pork (bred free range), Cape Grim Beef, Robbins Island Wagyu, a variety of game (including rabbit, quail, duck, venison and wallaby), free range grass fed Tasmanian beef and lamb, and sustainably produced & RSPCA approved Nichols Poultry.

The team at Vermey’s offer superior service and personalised cuts of meat. It is your choice how you would like your meat cut. Staff are always happy to trim, slice, dice and tie meat to your specifications.

What we produce
  • Cape Grim Beef
  • Free range grass fed beef & lamb
  • Scottsdale Pork
  • Quail, Duck, Venison & Wallaby