Westbae Pastoral

North West - Autumn - Eggs

Pasture raised eggs and grass fed prime beef and lamb from the lush pastures of Nook, Tasmania.

Westbae Pastoral is a farm that practices regenerative farming techniques. Josh, Patreena and their two children are dedicated to sustainably farmed grass fed beef, pasture raised lamb and pastured eggs.

The family believe in the benefits of locally-grown food, journeying from paddock-to-plate. At the farm on the beautiful North West Coast – the paddocks are rotated, giving time to for soil to regenerate naturally.

The Nook chooks also have space to roam and fossick in the landscape. They sleep in a chicken caravan with their buddies and they are guarded from predators by their maremma dog. A happy chicken lays delicious eggs, something you’ll get to taste for yourself.

Get in touch through the Westbae Pastoral website to register your interest in their beef and lamb. Their produce is also available through the Tasmanian Produce Collective. You’ll also find Westbae Pastoral eggs at a range of retailers, cafés and restaurants around the state.