Wood Duck Spice

North - Winter - Value Added

Spice blends made using the tastiest herbs and spices Tasmania and the world have to offer.

Wood Duck Spice is located in Latrobe. Passionate about toasting, roasting, grinding, blending and mixing speciality herb and spice blends. If they can grow it, that’s what they do! Locally and organic sourced products also take priority.

Keeping sustainability in mind, the packaging at Wood Duck Spice is also reusable, recyclable or compostable. Even the plastic-looking bags the spice refill blends come in can be composted. These are made from cellulose, a wood pulp fibre.

Wood Duck Spice blends are all spice! No preservatives, no fillers, or anti-caking agents here. There is also an option for a custom blend – just fill in your flavour profile on the Wood Duck Spice website. Take your next meal to the next level.