Freshfield Grove

Located in the heart of the Coal River Valley and producing home grown olives and extra virgin olive oil
Hobart & South - Spring - Olive Oil

Fabulous flavours come from small batches. By nurturing their olives from start to finish Freshfield Grove can ensure great quality products that have won awards in state and national competitions.

The cool climate in southern Tasmania helps ensure that Freshfield Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has high levels of antioxidants, widely regarded as a vital part of a healthy diet.

Freshfield Grove is owned by Fiona and Glenn Makowski, who bought the farm including the 1000 tree olive grove in 2014. Glenn lived away from Tasmania for many years and was keen to return, while Fiona fell in love with the island state on her first visit to Australia from the UK, and dreamed of calling it home.

The search for their perfect rural Tasmanian property took a while, but they are now gradually working towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle while building their boutique olive business.

“We have our own olive press on site, so we do everything by hand, ourselves.”

On the farm they’re adopting sustainable practices to encourage diversity of flora and fauna, whilst being good for the olives. Waste is minimised as much as possible, including mulching prunings and composting pomace from the olive pressing.

You can buy Fresh Field Grove products via their online store and the Tasmanian Produce Collective.

What we produce
  • Table olives
  • Olive oil