Mr Brown & Towns Mushrooms

North - Winter - Mushrooms

Fergus (the Mr Brown) and Michael (the Mr Towns) are the duo behind Launceston’s newest urban mushroom farm—Mr Brown & Towns.

Growing an impressive range of gourmet mushrooms in Launceston, Fergus and Michael are selling their produce all year round to local chefs and every day Tasmanians.

If you’re unsure where to start, when it comes to the world of gourmet fungi, Fergus and Michael love to talk mushrooms as much as they love to grow them. The duo are passionate about educating Tasmanians about their colourful and wonderful produce—catch them at the Launceston Harvest Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market on Sundays.

What we produce
  • Blue Oyster
  • King Oyster
  • Lions Mane
  • Mushroom Shiitake
  • Nameko
  • Enoki
  • Yellow Oyster