Veg It Up

Veg It Up Every Day!
What is the Veg It Up Campaign?

‘Veg It Up’ is a fun campaign run by Eat Well Tasmania to help Tasmanians eat more veg. It is an exciting campaign that:

  • Encourages and inspires Tasmanians to increase the number of vegetables they eat, in delicious ways.
  • Creates easy and fun ways of including additional vegetables into everyday dishes and meals.
  • Uses 4 social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter).
Why is the Veg It Up Campaign so important?

Most Tasmanians are not eating enough vegetables for a variety of reasons including: ‘lack of inspiration’, ‘limited time’ or ‘ lack of flavour’.

‘Veg It Up’ has been designed to address these reasons and offer easy to achieve changes so you can eat more vegetables.

Are you ready to support ‘Veg It Up’?

How would you feel if you could help Tasmanians to eat more vegetables? What would it mean to you to be part of the solution by supporting a campaign that will change the statistics for the better?

Here is what you can do:

  • Spread the word about ‘Veg It Up’, please use and share our posters and recipes.
  • Help us reach more people. Like us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter and share the posts with your friends, colleagues, family and followers.
  • Connect us to other people, groups, businesses and organisations that would like to collaborate with us.
  • Use #vegitup to share your photos online of vegged up meals and veggie use tips.


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