Ashgrove Cheese

From their family to yours, Ashgrove Cheese is proud to bring you the products that have earned them a household name.
North West - Autumn - Dairy

Dairy farming since 1908, Ashgrove Cheese is constantly evolving.

Ashgrove Cheese produces a range of award-winning cheese, milk, butter, and cream using their acclaimed fresh milk. The team at Ashgrove keeps it local: cows graze natural ryegrasses in the lush North West, and the milk they produce travels just down to road to the Ashgrove factory. There, it’s carefully crafted into the products you know and love. More recent additions to the range include novel value-added products such as their snacks and condiments.

To graze from Ashgrove’s seasonal menu and meet the cows behind the products, visit the Ashgrove Dairy Door in Elizabeth Town. Ashgrove dairy is available for purchase through their online store and your local grocer.

What we produce
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Snacks