Littlewood Berry Farm

A pick your own fresh berries at Littlewood Berry Farm—located in the beautiful Coal River.
Hobart & South - Summer - Berries

Littlewood is a combination of both the family farms, Littleworth in Buckland and Anglewood situated in the beautiful Coal Valley.

What started out as an idea to utelise the land along the heavily visited tourist route between Hobart and Richmond, with a pick your own strawberry patch, quickly turned into the thriving business you see there today.

Littlewood opens for community events like the Open Vineyard Weekend in March each year and for twilight picking evenings through the summer. The patch is chemical and spray free and welcomes visitors to pick their own.

The season starts mid-November and runs through until April (from Tuesday to Sunday). The start and end of picking season can vary each year, so we recommend checking their Facebook page to stay in the loop with opening times.

What we produce
  • Strawberries (pick your own and ready to buy options)
  • A range of value-added products