Longford Berries

Local treasure Longford Berries holds more than your usual stock of summer fruit.
North - Summer - Berries

Get ready for waves of berries ripening throughout the season at this humble Berry Farm in Northern Tasmania.

From November through to March, everyone’s favourite trio of Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries will be available for picking, but look too for Longford’s trove of lesser known berries. With Silvan Berries, Jostaberries, Marion Berries, Currants, Boysen Berries and Gooseberries… one trip alone won’t do.

Make a day of it at Longford Berries, enjoying the landscaped surrounds, the accessible isles of fruit for picking, and allow your hard work to be rewarded at the cafe and gift store, where you can see your carefully selected fruit turned and swirled into delicious berry ice cream.

Children are very welcome, and will be handy helpers for those perfect berries in hard to reach places. Be sure to take a little extra for freezing, saving these little bursts of summer for the whole year-round.

Longford Berries is open Wednesdays and Weekends throughout Summer months. For information and annoucements, check the Longford Berries Facebook page.

What we produce
  • Berries
  • Gin
  • Jam