Pyengana Dairy

Cheese, dairy and Wasabi, all farmed and produced in Tasmania.
East Coast - Winter - Dairy

For over 130 years, In the remote North East of Tasmania the farmers of Pyengana have been creating some of Australia’s finest artisan farmhouse cheese.

The tradition of making cheese on farms in the Pyengana valley dates back to the 1880s. Several farmers in Pyengana brought techniques from their European heritage to create cheese during peak production months in spring and late summer that would last all year.

You can find and buy Pyengana Milk in Coles, Woolworths, Hill St. Grocers, IGAs, and other retailers throughout Tasmania. Pyengana Cheddar is available in Hill St. Grocers, IGAs, cheese mongers, delicatessens and good food retailers throughout Tasmania

What we produce
  • Cheese
  • Milk